Use these Simple 'SURE- SHOT' formulae to make your dog obedient and solve behaviour problems


WEBINAR  - 6 Problems Dog Owners Face & THEIR Solutions

Duration 120 min (30 min Q&A)
Date and Time : Sunday, November 8th 2020 @ 10:30 am 

If you've failed at Solving common canine behavior problems in the past, it's not your fault.

My Goal From This Webclass:

I want to help the people who want to make their dogs listen to them and the people who want to be able to get discipline without using any form of intimidation... without a Dog Trainer experimenting on their dog! Or worse - having to give away their dog, because they've become a nuisance

The ONLY WAY for you to make you dogs listen to you and be able to get discipline without using any form of intimidation is through Solving common canine behaviour problems...

The ONLY WAY to do that is through Pawsitive Training System!

Behaviours that we are solving in the webinar

Toilet Training

Separation Anxiety

Puppy Chewing


Biting & Mouthing

Veterinary Visits

Who is Philip Butt?


Host- Philip Butt

 Over 25 years' experience in Dog Training

 Over 20 years’ experience in training Dog Trainers

 Winners of multiple Obedience Championships and Agility Competitions

 First to introduce Schutzhund, Flyball, French Ring Sports, Heelwork to music in India

 India’s highest qualified trainer having successfully completed dog training courses in UK, Germany, Finland, and dog grooming course in Malaysia and China.

 If you've been concerned in the past that you can't succeed with Solving common canine behaviour problems, put those fears to rest.

 If you've been concerned in the past that you can't succeed with Solving common canine behaviour problems, put those fears to rest.

 If you have ever felt frustrated, you will relate to my struggle

I had trained 100s of dogs to the highest levels of competition. At the same time, I was a father to two very young daughters. I used to take great pride in how disciplined and obedient my daughters were.
One day when I casually called my daughter , she came running to me, but the look in her eyes was of fear!  A look that asked “what have i done wrong”.I realised that was the exact same expression my dogs had. They were responding to me in fear, hardly in anticipation of a reward! I needed to change this.
That is when I embarked on my journey of seeking knowledge and skill from modern dog training experts. I studied and went deep into the subject of positive reinforcement and was able to apply it to ALL the dog training I was doing from advanced obedience to protection work.
My plan was to ask my team to follow my steps. However, that was not easy. We realised it was easier to train dogs than to train humans!

Being the best dog trainers in the country did NOT automatically make us the best coaches for dog trainers.
The next 36 months were spent in finding the best Trainers' Trainer in the world who would join hands with us to create an army of positive trainers in India. Our search ended with Trainings Spezialist (Germany)  and the founder - Katja Frey, we created a system to train dog trainers in simple steps. We call it the "Pawsitive Training System".

 How Does This Apply To You?

 If you use fear as a tool in training, your dog's behaviour changes
  In dogs correction-based training effects their health, wellbeing and life span!
Without an in-depth understanding of positive training- you WILL use force sooner or later to get your dog to behave.

If you've ever thought that Dog Trainers want you to fail,
you're probably right.

Dog Trainers want you to think you can't make your dogs listen to you or be able to get discipline without using any form of discipline without them, but it's not true.
With our Fool - Proof methods you will be able to solve these behavioural issues, with ease.


Secret #1: How To Train A Pup That Is Just 40 Days Old (or Even Younger!)

Let me tell you dog trainers wait for your pup to get older so that he can take the emotional and physical impact of correction. Puppies start learning from the day they are born! The earlier you start, the easier it is for you and your pup.

The fact is

If you have the right reward and when you deliver it correctly, then the age of the dog is not a factor in training the dog

  "I don't understand how a young puppy can be trained, when EVERY trainer I speak to says the pup should be at least 6 months old to be trained."

Many People Think...

Some People Think...

You can get better and long-lasting results with positive reinforcement. Science proves it and we have experienced it ourselves.

Secret #2: You can get discipline without punishing the dog

Society functions on punishment as a tool for getting desired behaviour. From the REPRIMAND in school to the FINE imposed for speed driving. From the PENALTIES imposed to IMPRISONMENT for breaking the law. As Pet parents we need change this archaic internal belief that the fear of punishment is the only way to get behaviour. The expectation of a reward IS equally effective, with the added advantage that the dog will be participative and be full of joy!

The fact is

 "I need to establish myself as the alpha in the pack and dominate my dog to train him. It is for his good”

  Operant conditioning ensures that your dog is learning all the time, Positive reinforcement is quadrant in operant conditioning that we use to make learning more effective.

Secret #3: You do not Need An Expert Or A Very Experienced Dog Trainer To  Train your dog

Some People Say...

  Dogs of All ages can be trained

 Positive reinforcement is not a cooked-up theory- It is a scientific fact!

 "I don't know how to solve behavioral issues as you need to be a 'dog whisperer' to solve them!."

Applying our training and management solutions, you WILL  get consistently reliable results.

You may think -  "I don't know how to ______."

  Train Dogs

  Whisper to my dog

  Physically control my big breed dog

  Train my adamant dog

  We will demonstrate the same training techniques on a 37-day old shihtzu and a 4-year-old Labrador - getting the same results in the same time!

  Solve behavioural issues

The Truth is

This webinar will equip you with the knowledge
to succeed. 

We have trained over 5000 Dog Trainers, Groomers,
Veterinarians and Pet parents.

It's time to unveil to you our dog training secrets, so you will not have to depend on a dog trainer - EVER AGAIN.